It’s about time-

I don’t think i’ve posted on this since before when I thought there might be the slightest chance that I may fail the cinnamon challenge however we all knew that wasn’t the case, cause quite obviously I was going to ace it, it was just destiny- complete bullshit but the point is that I’m obviously doing something right seeing as I done it twice within twenty minutes. 

Anyway onto this serious shizzle ba dizzle fizzle no bizzle- Y am I so stupid, sometimes I won’t do something and then I will have a sense of regret, it really annoys me, I know it’s who I am however it’s not exactly my faviroute trait, having a regret because you didn’t do something, you know what fuq this-

Back to the normal shizzle, erm yeah, I dunno seemed like I was going somewhere with this and I really need to learn to stop procrastinating, it’s not the best thing to do with some really important exams coming up, I’m just stupid and think to myself I’ll continue with this shit tomorrow and then I continue and repeat the next day, WTF-

Also sleeping at 5:30 is not cool, it deprives you of sleep and later in the day you feel like a angry guy with constipation just took a giant dump on my eyelids, oh well staying up was for a good cause I guess.

When is this blog post going to end, I mean, it’s just paragraph to paragraph and if you’re still reading then I certainly give *mad props* to you- But anyway happy valentines day, I also find it funny how “SINGLE” people like to take the piss out of couples on valentines day, I mean like wtf, I know im single and shizz but still c’mon stop being jelly and let others have their fun/moment/alternative word, but ANYWAY back to sanity after this long blog post I don’t even know-

casjj, anyway to finish of this post with something thats awesome… #WGOD

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