Yes this is a serious post, I don’t even know where to start.

Okay lehggo, friends, companions, besties, groups and stuff, friends yeah, I guess they make life worth living in a sense, obviously alongside with the family and other essentials lol, but they’re a big chunk of our lives, and one thing that i’ve realised is that I can take my friends for granted because like, not everyone has awesome friends, not everyone has been this lucky, i’m not saying that i’m a complete dick, it’s just in some instances, I wish I could avoid a few things, unfortunately there isn’t any do overs however even if they were available I don’t think I’d need to use them, mainly because my friends are a bunch of lads, I mean a argument can end up splitting the group but i’ve now come to the sudden realisation that really it’s just not worth it and it need to follow instruction 6 on my poster, “Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship” , Because it’s really not worth it, either way I can say i’ve learnt from a big mistake I made in year 8 and i’m not exactly proud to say i’ve lost on great friend already, quite stupid really, I know I guess I can call them my friend now but it’ll never be the same no matter what and going back and randomly saying sorry would just be a little awkward, maybe I’ll mention it on the last day of year 11 and mention how much I regret it, but now it’s time to stop banging on about it. 

Back to the good stuff, sometimes I think I need to stop being a dick to new people that come into our group and need to stop just telling them to go away and so on, I mean, obviously it’s quite late now but oh well doesn’t really matter still had to be said, a good example of this I guess would be Fizzy, I remember when she first came up to us on the day of her young mayor assembly and she really pitched out why we should vote for her, now to be fairly honest, theres not many people that would go up to a bunch of older people by yourself and try to persuade you to do what they want, but carrying on, I was a complete and total dick, because as soon as she finished I said a sarcastic “are you finished” then told her to go away, looking back on it now, It feels kind of weird, I mean what a dick, like seriously, because now, somehow me and Fizzy are really good friends and now i’m like wow, I hated you before, and I don’t even know why, you’re awesome, and wet of course haha-

I mean, I’m not a complete and total dick and if you actually take time to become good friends with me then, I will return the favor, but I can’t exactly say thats easy because i’m just rude and agressive, but i’m actually really nice when I think about it, not trying to be vain here but, for example, Ellie’s & Tom’s birthday party, fuck some of my friends were drunk, but I did go out of my way to get them home even if I was a bit of a dick but before the party I did make a promise but not because they asked me to but because I wanted to, I promised that i’d take them home if they were drunk and help them out if needed and I would stay sober enough to do so, which I did, and i’m glad I kept to this promise, because if I didn’t I don’t know what would of happend but even then I couldn’t have done it on my own, I mean I had Isaiah that night and as everyone knows, this guy is a “fucking prick”, excuse the harsh language but ya know it’s true, but so am I, but back to the point, without him I can’t say that whole process of getting everyone home and that would have been easy, and I can also say Rebecca helped that night a lot too, even though I said take Sam home and they ended up and the chicken and chip shop “Sam’s”, how ironic* haha, but yeah she helped, completely irrelevant but I said choose a boy who’s sober enough to help you get Sam home however she choose Anthony, yes ANTHONY… I mean WTF! But carrying on, Isaiah’s mum helped us get home and it was all good, besides the fact that someone thought I was a rapist but yeah (last time I checked, helping someone get home, isn’t exactly rapist material)-

Either way, what I am trying to say overall in this post is that how much your friends impact your life and I am lucky to have such awesome ones, I mean i’d hate to have friends that say complete bullshit about me when i’ve simply gone to the next room, instead I have friends that will chat complete bullshit about me to my face and we’d all have a laugh, even if it was the slightest bit offensive, it was said in good intentions and not just to annoy me. Now, I think to myself why could it have not been like this from the start, I mean if I could go back I wouldn’t change a thing but the point is we’re soon going to be departing to our separate ways, and now that I actually think about it, its really quite sad.

Just a side note, I’m not saying I have the bestest, most legitimate people in the world however, to me they’re more than that…

They’re real friends.

And to finish;

I’m just going to say, I love my friends, they know who they are, and this includes the new ones too.

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